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Property Valuation

To help make sure your property is adequately insured, our agents measure and photograph all of your ministry’s buildings.  That information is then used to calculate a replacement cost estimate.  We can then offer your church several ways to insure this property:

  • Replacement Cost Coverage
  • Pays the replacement cost of your property at the time of loss with no deduction for depreciation.
  • Broadened Replacement Cost Coverage
  • This endorsement adds up to an additional 25% to the scheduled value of each building.

Blanket Coverage

The values of all buildings and personal property are added together and insured for one blanket limit of insurance

Systems Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Many churches have thousands of dollars invested in audio/video equipment.  This equipment, along with HVAC systems, computers, alarm systems etc. is often at a higher risk for damage from lighting and electrical surges.  Systems Equipment Breakdown coverage provides protection for this equipment in that event.

Newly Acquired Buildings

Should your church forget to inform us of new property that you build or acquire, this property will be automatically insured up to $2,000,000 for 180 days from date of purchase or when construction began.

Property Off Premises

Whether it is musical instruments or construction equipment, churches often take personal property away from their premises.  If this property is lost, stolen or damaged we will automatically insure it up to $50,000.

Ordinance & Law Coverage

Should your church experience major damage to your property there may be local building codes in force that affect the way you have to repair or replace these buildings.  We have coverage in place for your church should that occur.